Mediation Services

A more cost-effective, flexible mechanism for parties to resolve their disputes.

Litigation is not only costly and time consuming, it can also irreparably damage, if not destroy,
relationships and reputations. It is, by its nature, adversarial –
and is almost always focused on the past.

Mediation, on the other hand, addresses the future – and offers an alternative mechanism for parties to reach an earlier, more cost-effective and perhaps “better” settlement. The role of the mediator is to bring negotiating, problem-solving and communication skills to the parties’ discussions, and deploy them from a position of independence and neutrality.
Perhaps most importantly, the mediation process offers parties an opportunity to control the outcome of their own dispute and, assisted by a suitably qualified mediator, to design outcomes that address their real interests and issues.

I have been trained as a family mediator, a commercial mediator and a coach – giving me a unique blend of skills to bring to the mediation process.

The kinds of disputes that I mediate include:

Separation and/or divorce.
Post-divorce issues.
Co-ownership disputes.
Disputes between heirs.
Family disputes.